Hello, events world.

Hi there,

You are cordially invited to start reading our new company blog!

Social media makes the events world go round. When starting up an event planning company, it is essential to spread the word with tweets and Instagram photos, of course, but it is also beneficial to start a blog. Hence, why this is being written for all you lovely people to see.

#KariLywoodEvents was founded by the talented and go-getting Kari Lywood. Kari started being her own boss in 2011 after gaining much experience in the marketing and PR world. Helping plan events for companies such as the Andez San Diego Hotel and the WNBA, gave Kari the drive to start something of her own. She found passion in making people’s dreams come true by planning their perfect day – no matter what that day might be. Aside from planning events, Kari also founded the KL Group. Separate from event planning, the KL Group focuses on marketing and sponsorship for various clients, such as Nascar driver, Jeremy Clements and sister-country-singing-duo, Beau and Luci.

Here’s the run down of what we do here at Kari Lywood Events: we plan events. Simple enough, right? Well what’s different about us is that we will plan anything from a backyard party for our next-door neighbour, to a marketing conference in Miami, to a 300-person wedding two hours outside of the city; there are no limits for us and we plan with delight all the way through.

With this blog, we want to spread the word about great venue options, tips and advice, that cute birthday party we planned, the wedding of your dreams, up-and-coming professionals for the events world and anything else that might strike the interest of our audience. We want to connect with other event planners, brides-to-be and show off to the world why we got into this business in the first place.

Stay tuned!