Fun alternatives for a night out

Event planning takes up a fair amount of our lives here at Kari Lywood Events, but all work and no play makes for dull women. We still like a night out on the town, but what happens when we feel “too old” to do a lot of the things we used to do? Who else is with me on this one? We’re going to plan some fun alternatives for a night out for you. After all, planning is what we do.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when clubbing gets getting old and grungy bars don’t provide the same thrill as they once did. Getting blackout drunk and passing out is not such a good look anymore (not that it ever really was). Don’t panic! You’re not getting old and boring, you’re maturing on to bigger and better things. Graduating from your old partying ways may make it seem like there are not many choices for night out on the town, but there are actually many:

The Ballroom Bowl:

It is time to stick to places where drinking is not the only option. Located in the entertainment district, this setting will not leave you with a lame night of bowling. The Ballroom Bowl offers bowling, sports, food and rock n roll. You don’t totally have to cut out drinking but you can keep it classy having a few drinks while bowling and listening to great live music at this combination venue.



Rock -Climbing:

It never hurt anybody throwing a little bit of fitness into the mix (well, hopefully not), so why not turn your weekend night out into an active one. There are many rock-climbing locations in Toronto, such as The Rock Oasis, that will provide you with a night of fun and fitness, and some laughs watching that not-so-athletic friend struggle up the wall.



Wine Nights:

Sometimes it’s nice to get all your close friends together, pick up a couple of bottles of wine and appetizers and just hang out. Make this a monthly routine; you will be surprised how much fun you can have catching up with friends, without leaving home. In addition, it saves you some of money.