Sip and See

As much as we love tradition here at #KariLywoodEvents, we like to keep up with the hottest new event trends. Steering away from wedding planning for this post, we are going to talk about ‘Sip and See’ parties for new parents. Baby showers are great – planning them and attending them, but it’s rather exciting bringing in new ways to celebrate a baby. This southern trend that is making its way north is something we’ve recently gotten in to (and love!) so let us fill you in and why Sip and See parties are on the rise.

I’m sure many people are wondering why Sip and See parties even happen, when baby showers have been around and successful for as long as we can remember. Well to say the truth, not everyone loves a baby shower and sometimes they are just had for the sake of tradition. Sip and Sees are about the baby, not about the course meal or (sometimes cheesy) games. These parties happen after the birth of the baby and allow friends and family to celebrate the new life and congratulate mom and dad in a low-key way.



Why are they called Sip and See parties? Because that is what you do, you sip and see. You are served a cocktail of some sort – champagne is popular – and you get to enjoy your drink and meet (or “see”) the new baby. The food is usually kept light. It’s a classy and easy-going celebration that won’t stress out the new parents.

Sip and Sees can be hosted anywhere from two to eight weeks after the baby is born; basically whenever the parents feel they are ready. The new parents technically host the party, but it is a good idea to have a planner to deal with all of the small details and be the go-to contact at the party. It’s also wise to choose the theme and hash out details before the baby is born so that all the parents need to think about after the baby is born is the baby. That being said, these parties are not made to be over the top – they are classy and simple so the details should be too. It’s common to host a Sip and See in the afternoon, and are usually at the parent’s home, but these rules are not set in stone. Guests will likely bring gifts; anything from a card to an outfit can be given.



We are not the only one’s who love Sip and Sees – new parents find them fun and convenient. They are a good way to have all expected visitors come on one day, rather than mom and dad finding the time to host to family and friends unexpectedly between feeding schedules. This way, new parents can host to their guests when they are ready. Not to mention the mother of the baby can enjoy a drink (you’re welcome, new moms).

Keep this in mind the next time you, or someone who know is expecting; I’m sure they will love the idea just as much as we do!

Post by: Melissa Esposito



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