Engagement season: how we please our clients

It’s engagement season and aside from us being super excited about this, couples will be finalizing their wedding team in the coming months. We will be communicating with many newly engaged couples searching for wedding professionals and we are more than ready. These are the ways we please our clients during this stressful period, making their search easier and calming their nerves:

We always get to know our clients

One thing that is very important to us is to build a connection with our clients beyond business, while of course, keeping it professional. Treating clients as friends and genuinely caring about them as people builds trust and truly allows us to understand them and their needs.

We don’t keep them waiting

As professionals we are always on the ball when it comes to our clients. Newly engaged couples are already worried about enough, we don’t have to be added to that. Responding quickly to our clients lets them know that their needs are priority to us.

We educate them on our experience

Newly engaged couples are not going to hire just anybody, and we respect that. We happily provide examples, portfolios and stories to back up our company’s vision, mission and values.

We respect their point of view

Every couple is different and that is something we always consider with every client inquiry. No matter what the situation, we will take it into consideration and offer you what we believe is best.

We help them save money

Weddings are not cheap – we know this and so do our clients. Once you give us a budget, we will find the vendors and venue that fit it. There is no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money when we can offer quality without emptying your pockets.

We provide a stress-free planning process and experience

This is the last but most important category to us. What we strive for is to give our clients their dream wedding without feeling like they’ve been through a war to get there. We want our clients to enjoy the wedding planning experience, and most of all, their wedding day. Hiring a wedding planner is supposed to give couples a break. Give us your vision, provide your thoughts and opinions and we will deliver.

Post by: Melissa Esposito

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Holiday party games

They say a party is only as fun as you make it, so why not make it the best party ever? We’re going to milk the holiday season and throw out one more holiday party post for anyone who is hoping to add some last minute touches to their event. That being said, what brings (or forces) people together at a party better than games? Today at #KariLywoodEvents, we are going to offer you five great holiday party games to give your event that extra ‘something-something’ you’ve been looking for.

Ornament guess



This simple game is a great way to start off your party. Have all guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree and announce the winner in later on in the night, as well as the runner-up. Offer small prizes. It’ll be funny hearing “WOW I was way off!” by people.

Candy canes



If you’re familiar with the game “Spoons” you won’t have a problem here. It’s the same idea; only you are using candy canes instead of spoons. You will need a deck of cards and candy canes. There must be one less candy cane than there are players. A dealer will shuffle four cards out to each player, and the remaining cards are placed face down in front of the dealer. The goal is to get four of a kind in your hand, once you do; you take a candy cane in the middle of the table as unnoticeably as possible. Once the first candy cane is taken, the rest of the players can grab a candy cane. The player, who does not get a candy cane, loses. This game will really bring out the competiveness in people and a lot of laughs.

Christmas movie trivia



This game is pretty self-explanatory. Everybody thinks they know their movies, and a lot of people think they are amazing at trivia so this will really get people excited. Mix in some classics with some newer films.

Christmas photo props



Adding a photo booth to any event is a good idea. Specifically, adding Christmas props to a Christmas photo booth will be hilarious. This gives guests something to do throughout the whole night, and something to smile at the next day.

12 days of Christmas fun

Sticking to hilarious games, this one is particularly knee slapping. Group your guests into 12 teams, then group the teams together and give each group one verse from “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Each team is responsible for singling one verse of the song. Easy enough, right? Well, as the teams sing their verse, they must also act out their verse. Of course, each team will get together and practice how they will act out their verse before all teams come together for the big show (or attempt).

Photo blog: ugly Christmas sweaters

At #KariLywoodEvents we’re all about chic when it comes to design, decor, outfits etc. BUT we do love a funny (and creative) event theme from time to time. This isn’t anything new – ugly Christmas sweater parties have been around for some time now and we want to showcase some of our favourite ugly sweaters for you to spice up your hump day. Happy viewing!





















Holiday songs

We’re going to keep up the playlist trend for our blog because (unless you’re not human) everyone loves music! This time it’s going to be a holiday playlist – obviously. Whether you like to admit it or not, holiday music can make you happy, brighten your spirits and really create that special vibe for your holiday event. So today at #KariLywoodEvents we are going to offer you some of our favourite tunes for the season. Enjoy!


Post by: Melissa Esposito

Planning the perfect holiday event

Christmas is around the corner (already, I know!) and, inevitability, with the season, comes holiday parties. Sometimes the thought of planning a holiday party can seem stressful, especially with everything else taking up your time during the season. Whether it’s a small party, big party, corporate event or just a family dinner, some sort of planning needs to be involved. That being said, today is your lucky day, readers – we are going to offer you some professional step-by-step advice on how to plan the perfect holiday event.

Establish your budget

Before anything else, you need to figure out how much you are able to spend. You don’t want to make false promises, or envision an ice sculpture when the price point just doesn’t cut it.  Visualize your event and establish your budget based on what you want. Knowing how much money can be put into the planning will give you a clear idea on where to begin.



Choose a date

You want your event to be set in stone – no “date subject to change” on the invitation. Do this with a significant amount of time before the party. The holiday season is a busy time for a lot of people meaning their party time-slots are going to fill in quickly. Make your event a priority!

Select a theme

Theme? What do you mean theme? The theme is obviously Christmas, right? Wrong! Well, sort of. Your event will be a Christmas theme, but there are many variations of this. You can throw an ugly Christmas sweater party, your theme can be ‘Silent Night’ or you can even throw a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” party and dress up like a ‘Who’ (whatever floats your boat). Flex your creative muscles and have fun with it!

Decide on a venue

The type of event will determine where you will host it.  This is another step that should be done well ahead of time because, as stated already, the holiday season is a busy time meaning many venues will book up quickly. Unless, of course, you host the event at a home, which is always nice too!

Plan out the food and drinks

This is the fun part. It’s crucial to make sure that there is more than enough food and drinks for your guests to enjoy. Make Christmas-y drinks, bake Santa cupcakes; there is so much you can do for a holiday party with the food and drinks that will add that special touch for your party.




This wins second place for fun during this planning process. It is important to add the perfect amount of décor for your event; you don’t want to go overboard, but that doesn’t rule out sparkle.



Communicate rides and accommodation

If you are inviting people from out of town, and if you know guests will be drinking, it is important to take this into consideration. If you are hosting the event somewhere other than your home, inform your guests of nearby hotels, suggest carpooling or let them know they are welcome to stay at your house. Whatever the case may be, make sure this is organized so all guests can relax and enjoy the night.

Post by: Melissa Esposito