Holiday party games

They say a party is only as fun as you make it, so why not make it the best party ever? We’re going to milk the holiday season and throw out one more holiday party post for anyone who is hoping to add some last minute touches to their event. That being said, what brings (or forces) people together at a party better than games? Today at #KariLywoodEvents, we are going to offer you five great holiday party games to give your event that extra ‘something-something’ you’ve been looking for.

Ornament guess



This simple game is a great way to start off your party. Have all guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree and announce the winner in later on in the night, as well as the runner-up. Offer small prizes. It’ll be funny hearing “WOW I was way off!” by people.

Candy canes



If you’re familiar with the game “Spoons” you won’t have a problem here. It’s the same idea; only you are using candy canes instead of spoons. You will need a deck of cards and candy canes. There must be one less candy cane than there are players. A dealer will shuffle four cards out to each player, and the remaining cards are placed face down in front of the dealer. The goal is to get four of a kind in your hand, once you do; you take a candy cane in the middle of the table as unnoticeably as possible. Once the first candy cane is taken, the rest of the players can grab a candy cane. The player, who does not get a candy cane, loses. This game will really bring out the competiveness in people and a lot of laughs.

Christmas movie trivia



This game is pretty self-explanatory. Everybody thinks they know their movies, and a lot of people think they are amazing at trivia so this will really get people excited. Mix in some classics with some newer films.

Christmas photo props



Adding a photo booth to any event is a good idea. Specifically, adding Christmas props to a Christmas photo booth will be hilarious. This gives guests something to do throughout the whole night, and something to smile at the next day.

12 days of Christmas fun

Sticking to hilarious games, this one is particularly knee slapping. Group your guests into 12 teams, then group the teams together and give each group one verse from “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Each team is responsible for singling one verse of the song. Easy enough, right? Well, as the teams sing their verse, they must also act out their verse. Of course, each team will get together and practice how they will act out their verse before all teams come together for the big show (or attempt).

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