How to Start Planning your Dream Wedding

Congratulations! Before you begin your new lives as a happily married couple, the planning of your celebration must commence. We at Kari Lywood Events have put together some simple steps and reminders to help with your planning process.

Set the Date

Setting the date for your wedding is one of the first, and most essential steps in beginning to plan your dream day. Not only do many venues book up well in advance, this date will be critical when contacting  all other vendors for your day. Having this date in mind will also allow your to prioritize items on your checklist and allow for a clear path for you to follow over the next few months.


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Choose your Colours or Theme

This is where it gets fun – infuse your personalities!! Use colours and decor that best represent you as a couple. Knowing your ideal colours and theme are not only important for your decor at both your ceremony and reception, but are also extremely important for elements such as invites, flowers, and bridal party gowns. Decide whether you would like to have a more modern, romantic, or traditional feel to your wedding and choose colour palettes that compliment this, spreading similar style across all elements of your wedding for a cohesive, consistent appeal.


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Environment and Venue

Now you need a place! Visit multiple venues and see what can be best offered to fit your taste, personalities, and budget.


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Dress Shopping!

Every girl’s favourite moment – finding “the one”! Start EARLY! This process takes time, and you do NOT want to feel rushed or pressured into a particular gown because of time constraints. Don’t settle. Fall in love. Keep in mind (multiple) alterations will be needed, and aim to have your dress well ahead of your wedding date.


Photo Credit: Lockhart’s Weddings and Special Occasions

Mail Invitations

Receiving a physical invitation in the mail for a wedding is always both traditionally valued and truly sentimental. Take the time to send each of your guests individual invitations! Follow-up thank you notes to each of your guests is always appreciated as well.


Photo Credit: Shine Wedding Invitations

Arrange Entertainment and Photography

Time to make your celebration the best it can be – this is YOUR DAY! Bring together your guests with a live DJ or band, fun activities, and a great photographer who can document the celebration as it happens. Join your guests in the festivities, and create your first memories as a newly married couple.


Photo Credit: Wedding Idea Box



Hire Help!

The planning process can be both overwhelming and, at times, challenging. Hire help! Handing off some of the responsibilities to a coordinator not only eliminates stress in the planning process and on your day, but allows both you and your loved ones to enjoy your celebration to the fullest, worry-free. Allow us to take on any troubles that may arise during the planning process or celebration! And most importantly, enjoy your day!



At Kari Lywood Events, we offer a variety of coordinating packages to suit the needs of your big day. Visit our website for more details, and forward all inquiries to We can’t wait to help make your day as special as possible! 

-Stephanie La Civita

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