Why Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator?


Let’s be honest – planning a wedding is NOT an easy task. In the months before your big day, not only are you confronted with the tasks of planning and organizing your celebration, but you also take on the responsibility of¬†overseeing roles that have been delegated to your wedding party. The hiring of a wedding planner can alleviate a lot of this stress and responsibility, allowing you to sleep easier at night and be truly excited for your celebration.

When considering the hiring of a professional to help you out, you must decide whether you need a planner or a coordinator.While both are similar in nature, a coordinator plays more of a role on your special day to ensure that all is running smoothly. Here, we’ll discuss the difference between the two roles, but why the hiring of either professional is essential for your wedding day.

The Wedding Planner

Working with you from the beginning of your process, a wedding planner will assist you in all decision making – from design, to catering, to venue selection and vendor bookings (as a short list). Planners are also key for contract negation – because a planner is likely more involved in the industry than either of you as a couple, they are trained to recognize specific details, and potentially get you a better deal than originally quoted. Since involved from very early on in the planning process, a planner will be able to organize all of the specifics of your wedding so you don’t need to! – ultimately allowing you to sleep confidently and at peace that your plan is executed to its fullest potential.


The Day-of Coordinator

A day-of coordinator is responsible for covering all communications with your vendors beginning a few weeks before your wedding, and ensuring that all runs smoothly on your special day, according to your established timeline. By managing all of the details of your wedding, both you and your wedding party are able to enjoy their day without all of the stress that comes along with ensuring things are happening on time. Something as simple as taking over vendor communication prior to your wedding day when you are already bombarded with last minute tasks and errands to complete relieves great amounts of stress from you as a couple. Allow us to confirm all of your details and work out the logistics for your day of!


If you are considering a friend or family member to take on these responsibilities, especially the day of your wedding, we encourage you to reconsider, and hire a professional! While their acceptance of this role may be considered a nice gesture, ultimately, they are a guest at your wedding, and should be able to enjoy the day as much as you are. Also, because they are so close to you, they will most likely become preoccupied with the events of the day that the responsibility handed to them may be placed on the back burner. This is where we come in! Allow your planner or coordinator to take over responsibility and ensure all is running smoothly and that any issues that may arise are addressed and handled immediately.

Don’t fear that hiring a planner or coordinator will take away from the experience of planing your special day! We are here to work with you, and bring your dreams to life! We can help take all of your ideas and narrow them down to make your day perfect!

Here at Kari Lywood Events, we offer both planning and coordinating packages to suit your every need and budget. We are here to work with you and ensure that your special day is both stress-free, and all you ever dreamed of! For more information, visit our website today to review our packages, or fill out the form below to inquire!

We can’t wait to work with you!

Written by: Stephanie La Civita, Event Planner at Kari Lywood Events

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