Your Guide to Creative Wedding Favours

Expressing thanks on your wedding day through wedding favours is not only an age-old tradition, but an appreciated gesture among guests that can be symbolic of your personalities as a couple and serve as a piece of memorabilia from your special day. Selecting the best wedding favours for your guests should be a fun and creative experience.

Here are some of our favourite ideas as wedding favours. Bonus – they all ship to Canada!

Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses


Photo Credit: beau-coup

These 9oz stemless wine glasses are a perfect sentimental keepsake that can also be used as your glassware on your special day! These glasses are customizable to fit your theme and taste and can be ordered as singles (minimum of 35) or as gift sets of 12 (minimum of 3).

Prices start at $1.95 – $11.50 per set (+ shipping and handling)


Personalized Wedding Hershey’s Kisses


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So. Perfect. We are obsessed with these! Not only does everyone love a Hershey Kiss, but they fit so wonderfully into little boxes like this and make for a perfect midnight snack or take-home gift.

Prices start at $0.32 (+ shipping and handling)


Stainless Steel Spreader with Wine Cork Handle


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This wedding favour is perfect for the couple being married at a vineyard or with a vintage feel to their celebration. These spreaders are not only a memorable token from your special day, but are pieces that will be reused among your guests many times, reminding them of YOU!

Prices start at $2.18 per set (+shipping and handling)


Personalized Champagne Flutes


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Similar to the stemless wine glasses, these champagne flutes are a perfect sentimental keepsake that can also be used as your glassware on your special day! Include these as part of your table decor for toasting. Fully customizable to suit your taste.

Prices start at $3.75 per set (+shipping and handling)


Mini Champagne Bubbles


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How. adorable. are. these! Let’s be honest, nothing says “celebration” more than champagne! Send your guests home with mini champagne bottles to remind them of your spectacular celebration!!

Prices start at $15.95 for a package of twenty-four (+shipping and handling)

The Morning-After Kit


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For all of you party couples expecting a rowdy night of celebration, prepare a morning-after kit for your guests! Not only are they absolutely hilarious, but they’ll mentally prepare your friends and family for the night ahead of them!

Prices start at $1.25 each (+shipping and handling)

Personalized S’more Favour


Photo Credit: beau-coup

Perfect for a rustic wedding! These jars come stuffed with all the fixings – marshmallows, your choice of chips, and your choice of cookies!

Prices start at $44.94 for a set of six (+shipping and handling)

Burlap Bags


Photo Credit: beau-coup

Perfect for those with a rustic theme! The burlap bags can be filled with candies for those with a sweet tooth, or little trinkets that suit your taste.

Prices starting at $19.95 for a set of twelve (+shipping and handling)


Whatever your theme, taste or budget, there are many options for party favours for your guests! At Kari Lywood Events, we are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect wedding favour while assisting in the planning of your special day! Contact us today to inquire about the packages we offer!



Event Coordinator with Kari Lywood Events


My Journey so Far: Working with Kari Lywood Events

Working with Kari Lywood Events has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to date.

Beginning my journey with Kari Lywood Events back in May 2016 as an intern, I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of many weddings, learning how to make a client’s special day as magical as possible. Now, as an event coordinator with Kari Lywood Events, I am excited to continue my learning and share my experiences.

To date, I have been lucky to have been involved in weddings ceremonies and receptions at Eagle’s Nest Golf Course, Fantasy Farm, Century Barn, and various venues in the Distillery District. Each has been unique and different from one another, from theme, to decor, to celebration style, but each had been so incredibly beautiful in their own ways.

Favourite Moments

I’d have to say, my favourite moments so far have always been the moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time.  These moments are so incredibly beautiful (and somehow ALWAYS make me cry!). All of the stress of planning and rushing around on the day of seems to disappear in that first look.

Setting up the ceremony and reception decor is also an area that always gets me excited. I’ve grown to love being able to assist in transforming a couple’s vision into reality, right down to the fine details with other vendors on their day-of.




How I’ve Grown

Beginning on this journey, I never truly understood just how essential a wedding coordinator could be to a couple’s planning process. Having been involved in quite a few weddings with Kari Lywood Events, I can now more confidently speak to the importance of a coordinator to ensure your special day runs smoothly. Ultimately, our job is to keep your day to its set schedule and handle any issues that may arise so you, the couple, don’t need to.

As a graduate with a degree specializing in Media and Communications, I never thought I would end up in event coordination. However, I couldn’t see it as a better fit! With my love of styling and detailing, spending my days with couples and translating their hopes, ideas, and dreams into something tangible is the most fulfilling and rewarding experience.



Although my journey with Kari Lywood Events has only just begun, I am so incredibly excited to explore where it will go in the future!



Wedding and Event Stylist and Coordinator with Kari Lywood Events


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