2018 Trends Not To Miss!

Welcome to 2018 bride-to-be’s! As you know, we are always stepping up the game when it comes to planning. Of course the traditional trends will always be in-style, but new trends, different coming of the times allow you to do something unique to set your wedding apart from others. Check out the latest trends for 2018 that you do not want to miss!flowers

Fun & Unique Dessert Tables

This first one is something that we dream about! Say goodbye to the traditional, 3 course meals brought to your table and hello to fun, crazy and delicious dessert tables! There really is nothing that’s out of reach when it comes to dessert bars, you can focus on one type, like a s’mores bar with different types of s’mores. You can do a mix of you and your beau’s favorite candies in stacked jars with candy bags, you could even do a baked bar with cakes, brownies, cookies…you get the idea.


Sweet And Saucy Shop

Floral, Floral & More Floral!

Okay, this next one has made a major appearance in 2017, but take the traditional floral displays and add unique twist, whether its hanging displays from a gazebo, groups of flowers twisted together or draping down from a table, flowers are one of the must haves to take your wedding from “that’s nice” to “WOW!” Check out our very own Kari Lywood’s display for WedLuxe Magazine below.


Credit: WedLuxe Magazine

Rose Gold Accents

Where do we begin? Rose gold has been on the up and up for the last year and we cannot get enough of it! From metallic to matte rose gold, the opportunities to add this stunning accent to your big day are truly endless. One of our faves for the up and coming year are table accents. From lanterns, candle holders, plate settings and center pieces, this theme is sure to leave your guests wanting more.

rose gold

Credit: My Wedding Guide

Pop, Fizz, Clink! All aboard the Prosecco Van!

As if we didn’t need another reason to incorporate alcohol, especially bubbly, into our dream day…presenting the Prosecco Van! Fall 2017 we started to see this beauty come to life and we have to be honest, whoever came up with this truly is a genius. Dress it up with your fave wedding accents or love it for what’s on the inside, because that delicious bubbly is all that really matters, right?


Credit: Festival Brides UK

Mirror, Mirror on the wall..

The last, but definitely not least, trend you do not want to miss out on is the Photo booth. Kim K and the rest of the Kardashian clan have been posting them up at every single event possible. But this is your wedding day, you deserve a special photo booth. Remember as a young girl, saying “Mirror Mirror on the wall..”, well now, you can say it and get a response! These Photo Booth Mirrors are not to be missed! Step up your selfie game with the #selfiemirror.


Credit: Mirror Photo Booth

Ta-daa! There you have it bride-to-be’s and fellow beauty’s. The top trends of 2018 that you do not want to miss. What are your favorite trends for the year? Have a new trend that you think we should have mentioned on the list? Reach out to us below and let us know.



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