Creative event favours

As event planners here at #KariLywoodEvents, we are full of creative ideas (well, obviously). On top all that goes into planning an event such as a wedding, bridal shower or even birthday party, one must always put a good amount of thought into the event favours. These gifts should fit the theme or vibe of the event in some way, shape or form;  You don’t want to be giving away compact mirrors to both women AND men. To help you out, here are some unique event favours to thank your guests:

Mini champagne bottles



Now this is something your guests can use (well, drink). So many times event favours will be forgotten at the event, or thrown out when the guests go home; only because there is no use for them. Something cute like this (and alcohol in general) will be something loved by your guests.

Baking ingredients



One again, something your guests can use! Choose one or multiple recipes and fill up jars with the ingredients. Keep the recipes simple and add pretty touches.

Treat bags



Something your guests can eat – enough to be said. Some of these will be gone before some people even reach home!

Hangover kits



This might look suggestive, but it’s a great idea if your family and friends like to drink! Perfect for a birthday party.

Coffee and tea



Coffee and tea are used in most people’s everyday lives, so why not help them out a little bit?

Benefits of a winter wedding

The inspiration of this post came from being invited to my first winter wedding as a guest. A good friend is getting married in February and the responses I received from many people were all along the lines of “why would she choose winter to get married?” Perhaps it was just the people I told who have the mind set of spring, summer and early fall being the “best” times to get married, but I have a feeling (and facts prove) that is not the case. For some reason, winter weddings are not as popular as they should be. Coming from a wedding planner, it is beautiful to get married during the warmer months, but there are many benefits to choosing a winter wedding. Let me break down a few for you:




Hopefully this will change in the coming years, but for now this is true – there is less competition for winter wedding dates. Whether is it a venue, florist, decorator, caterer, etc. that you are interested in; there is definitely a better chance you will get your first choices.




Winter has so many themes that you can follow that are different from those of spring, summer and fall. There is a completely different feel to winter décor; there is a warm, cozy and romantic vibe. Red roses are one of my favorite décor ideas.




Warm, sunny weather is what many people hope for when it comes to their wedding photos, some even hope for rain because it makes for great photos. However, imagine how gorgeous your photos would look with a snowy backdrop, Christmas lights or even just all bundled up. Pretty jaw dropping if you ask me.




Let’s face it, not all colours can be used all year round for weddings. Having a wedding during a warmer season automatically cuts out certain colours such as forest green and Bordeaux. Just think of the bridesmaid dresses!




 There’s a reason why the fashion-oriented wait for the colder months – it’s because there is so much more you can do with your outfit! Don’t get me wrong, the classic sleeveless wedding dress is always stunning, but you can’t always add fur or velvet to add on top (well, unless you want to sweat).

Post by: Melissa Esposito

Engagement season: how we please our clients

It’s engagement season and aside from us being super excited about this, couples will be finalizing their wedding team in the coming months. We will be communicating with many newly engaged couples searching for wedding professionals and we are more than ready. These are the ways we please our clients during this stressful period, making their search easier and calming their nerves:

We always get to know our clients

One thing that is very important to us is to build a connection with our clients beyond business, while of course, keeping it professional. Treating clients as friends and genuinely caring about them as people builds trust and truly allows us to understand them and their needs.

We don’t keep them waiting

As professionals we are always on the ball when it comes to our clients. Newly engaged couples are already worried about enough, we don’t have to be added to that. Responding quickly to our clients lets them know that their needs are priority to us.

We educate them on our experience

Newly engaged couples are not going to hire just anybody, and we respect that. We happily provide examples, portfolios and stories to back up our company’s vision, mission and values.

We respect their point of view

Every couple is different and that is something we always consider with every client inquiry. No matter what the situation, we will take it into consideration and offer you what we believe is best.

We help them save money

Weddings are not cheap – we know this and so do our clients. Once you give us a budget, we will find the vendors and venue that fit it. There is no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money when we can offer quality without emptying your pockets.

We provide a stress-free planning process and experience

This is the last but most important category to us. What we strive for is to give our clients their dream wedding without feeling like they’ve been through a war to get there. We want our clients to enjoy the wedding planning experience, and most of all, their wedding day. Hiring a wedding planner is supposed to give couples a break. Give us your vision, provide your thoughts and opinions and we will deliver.

Post by: Melissa Esposito

Kari Lywood Events:




Wedding coordinator vs family and friends

It’s easy for a lot of families to disregard wedding coordinators because they have many friends and family members to help them the day of the wedding. We’re all for family stepping in and helping the beautiful new couple, but before family or friends are appointed the people of contact for the wedding day, it’s important to consider many things. Let us break down some reasons why it’s important to hire a wedding coordinator and not appoint family or friends:

 Let your family and friends enjoy it all

It’s great to be involved in a loved one’s wedding, but on the day of the wedding there should be no stress – for anyone! Wedding planners and coordinators are hired to make everyone’s life easier, not only the bride and groom. We want all guests to have a great night and not have to worry about any mishaps or timeline. Have drink, relax and let us coordinators handle the ‘behind the scenes’.



Wedding coordinators are not venue coordinators

There is a significant difference between wedding coordinators and venue coordinators. Venue coordinators are quite valuable on wedding days (we appreciate you!), but their responsibilities and abilities differ from those of a wedding coordinator. Venue coordinators work for the need of the venue – not for any other vendors, or guests. In other words, on the wedding day, the venue coordinator will ensure the venue is running as per contract and will usually depart once the meal is served. A wedding coordinator is your personal consultant for the day; focused on every single detail of your wedding. From time management, floor plans, bridal party arguments, speeches and basically anything else you can think of – we work exclusively for you and your needs!

Make for a smooth rollout

Wedding coordinators are on the ball; they can sense a problem from a mile away (you know what we mean). If a family member or friend is in charge of any potential issues, it is likely that other guests will find out – due to talking to other guests and seeking advice or help. Let the vendors contact the wedding coordinator and make it seem to the guests that there were no problems the whole day.



Conflict of interest

Tension during or after a wedding is never fun. If a friend or family member forgot the liquor receipts at the venue, if they were rude to one of the vendors, if they didn’t lock up the moneybox right away, there is going to be some sort of animosity present. Wedding coordinators are the professionals; we know how to handle every situation thrown at us because it is like routine. If there is going to be any sort of tension involved, put it on us – we want every single guest to spend the next day talking about what a great time they had. After all, hearing satisfied responses from our clients is one thing we love about our job!

Post by: Melissa Esposito



Photo blog: top wedding dresses

We’re all visual beings; so today we are going to offer all of our readers a visual blog post. When it comes to weddings, seeing the bride in her beautiful wedding dress is the main attraction. It’s what all guests, and even us planners, are most excited to see (okay, maybe not all the men and besides the food). Instead of waiting on the next wedding to see a bride in her dress, we are going to offer you our top wedding dress picks here at #KariLywoodEvents. Have fun ooo-ing and awww-ing!





















Sip and See

As much as we love tradition here at #KariLywoodEvents, we like to keep up with the hottest new event trends. Steering away from wedding planning for this post, we are going to talk about ‘Sip and See’ parties for new parents. Baby showers are great – planning them and attending them, but it’s rather exciting bringing in new ways to celebrate a baby. This southern trend that is making its way north is something we’ve recently gotten in to (and love!) so let us fill you in and why Sip and See parties are on the rise.

I’m sure many people are wondering why Sip and See parties even happen, when baby showers have been around and successful for as long as we can remember. Well to say the truth, not everyone loves a baby shower and sometimes they are just had for the sake of tradition. Sip and Sees are about the baby, not about the course meal or (sometimes cheesy) games. These parties happen after the birth of the baby and allow friends and family to celebrate the new life and congratulate mom and dad in a low-key way.



Why are they called Sip and See parties? Because that is what you do, you sip and see. You are served a cocktail of some sort – champagne is popular – and you get to enjoy your drink and meet (or “see”) the new baby. The food is usually kept light. It’s a classy and easy-going celebration that won’t stress out the new parents.

Sip and Sees can be hosted anywhere from two to eight weeks after the baby is born; basically whenever the parents feel they are ready. The new parents technically host the party, but it is a good idea to have a planner to deal with all of the small details and be the go-to contact at the party. It’s also wise to choose the theme and hash out details before the baby is born so that all the parents need to think about after the baby is born is the baby. That being said, these parties are not made to be over the top – they are classy and simple so the details should be too. It’s common to host a Sip and See in the afternoon, and are usually at the parent’s home, but these rules are not set in stone. Guests will likely bring gifts; anything from a card to an outfit can be given.



We are not the only one’s who love Sip and Sees – new parents find them fun and convenient. They are a good way to have all expected visitors come on one day, rather than mom and dad finding the time to host to family and friends unexpectedly between feeding schedules. This way, new parents can host to their guests when they are ready. Not to mention the mother of the baby can enjoy a drink (you’re welcome, new moms).

Keep this in mind the next time you, or someone who know is expecting; I’m sure they will love the idea just as much as we do!

Post by: Melissa Esposito



Wedding songs

We’re feeling a tad romantic today, therefore, this post is dedicated to wedding songs. Whether it’s for the first dance, father-bride dance or a song for the guests to dance to, choosing the perfect song can get tricky. It has to be perfect right? Right. So, let us help you narrow down your choices and ease your mind by offering you some of our top wedding song choices for the perfect dance – some old, some new, some classics. I’m sure at least one of these will speak to you. Enjoy!

How to start the process after getting engaged

Getting engaged is nothing short of exhilarating, but as a newly engaged person, you are pretty much diving into the unknown when considering the steps and process that follow. Where do you start? Being the experienced event planners that we are here at Kari Lywood Events, we are going to let you in on our secrets (well, tips) on how to start the process after getting engaged.

Figure out what you want

Before you can make any moves, you need to know what you want for your special day. Do you want a big wedding or a small wedding? What type of food do you want? Do you want a traditional wedding or maybe something a little more modern? It’s important to organize all your wants and needs or planning could get messy and frustrating pretty quickly.

Meet with a wedding planner

Once you have decided how you want your wedding day to be, it’s time to share this with a professional. Congratulations, you’ve made a smart move my friend! Even after you know what you want for your day, you will need someone there to tell you what will work and not work and how to make proper choices.

You will be making endless amounts of decisions during the wedding planning process so you will need someone there to organize your thoughts, offer you advice and basically just take the stress off. There’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your wedding planning, or the actual wedding day for that matter. This is supposed to be a happy time – you don’t want to look back and cringe at the thought of ever doing it again. Simply meeting with a wedding planner, and hearing what they have to say, will take the edge off.



Choose the right wedding planner

It’s easy to say you want a wedding planner; it’s even easy to find one. Don’t settle for just anyone who has the title – do your homework. When you have a wedding planner in mind, research their past weddings, call references and meet with them before sealing the deal. Bottom line: make sure they know what they are doing.

Write it down

Without a doubt, when someone is newly engaged, wedding ideas will pop into their head on the daily. When this happens (because it will) write down all these ideas, research pictures, put everything into a book so you have something to go by. Save this book for every meeting with your wedding planner.



Don’t get us (or this blog) wrong; of course, there is much more to the process after getting engaged, but these steps are crucial and will really get the ball rolling. Congrats and happy planning!

Properly prioritize your wedding

So he did it. He finally proposed and it was everything you ever imagined it would be. Now, all the wedding ideas you’ve been thinking about since you were playing dress-up in your mom’s closet come rushing over you and you don’t know where to begin. This is normal, and it’s great to have a lot of ideas to work with, but the one problem this kind of overflow leads to is poor prioritization. You start to plan where you want the bouquet toss before you even have a venue or you want cake pops before you even know who will be attending. Don’t fret! Today at Kari Lywood Events, we will teach you how to properly prioritize your wedding plans with a step-by-step plan. Enjoy.




Nobody likes this word. We hate to use it, but we have to, and there must be a budget put in place first and foremost when it comes to wedding planning. Once the budget is set, the planning can begin, as you will now how to properly choose all of your items.

Guest list

How can you know what type of wedding you want, or can have, if you don’t know how many people are going to attend? You can’t. Decide if you want a big, medium or small wedding and then go from there.




It’s hard to envision all that you want your day to be until you have your venue. Once you choose your venue, you can decide how you want your tables set up, what kind of décor you want, the all around feel and theme of the wedding and so on.


Ah, food, the one thing that all guests talk about (or judge) after attending a wedding. It’s important to make sure you know of all allergies and significant preferences of your guests before choosing the food. Do you want to have the traditional sit-down dinner, or a more casual feel to your meal, where food is being passed around throughout the night? Whatever you want! Just make sure there’s enough – there’s nothing worse than hangry guests. Helpful tip: midnight tables are praised.

As a wedding and event planner, and from my experience, I can tell you that these four aspects, in this order, are most important to consider when planning a wedding. Once all of these are set, all other details can be added on throughout the planning process. It may seem simple, but things can get real confusing if your planning priorities are not in check. Happy planning!

The importance of a day-of wedding coordinator

One thing that many wedding coordinators are used to hearing from people is “it’s great for your career, but why do people really need a day-of wedding coordinator?” It would seem to many that a bride and groom, along with their friends and family could take the reins of an entire wedding day on their own. Wedding coordinators are not here to discourage that thought; rather, we are here to make your life easier – much easier. Warning: this is not a sales pitch, just a way to clear the air amongst the non-believers.

Before we start with the explanation why a day-of coordinator is an asset, lets begin with what a day-of coordinator is, because there is a clear difference between one and a wedding planner. Day-of coordinator services usually begin a couple of weeks (sometimes days) before the wedding date; the couple has already booked all of their vendors and the venue. The coordinator is in charge of the actual wedding day, making sure everything happens just as the couple imagined. Okay, now we’re ready.

All event planners know that even though an event is organized a certain way, something is bound to change, or go wrong the day of. This isn’t something event planners worry about because we entered this industry as problem solvers, but this might be (or most definitely will be) something the bride and groom panic over. We’re trained to deal with issues like this. Whether the cake is cut at the wrong time, a vendor is not cooperating, the microphone stopped working or the playlist is all wrong, the wedding coordinator will have that covered without the couple even realizing there was a problem in the first place.

All friends and family should be able to enjoy this special day without having to chime in when there’s an issue. Guests should not be a substitute for a wedding coordinator – this is just not right. All guests, along with the bride and groom should be able to enjoy a stress-free day. Once this is realized, all will be right in the world (and at the wedding, of course). A wedding day should be enjoyable, not stressful.

You don’t want to worry about forgetting to set-up or plan anything. How is that any fun? It’s completely normal to forget something with the mile long checklists some couple will have, but luckily wedding coordinators know exactly what needs to be done and when. Nothing will ever be missed, and the fear of forgetting something will disappear. Hand over that checklist! The coordinator has got it covered.



Ah, but what about venue coordinators you say? Well they are great, and definitely take care of all THEY need to care of, but they don’t care about any of the other details. Their services only extend to a certain point, and it is important to keep that in mind. Wedding coordinators go beyond those services and help manage everything.

Let’s face it; turning a vision into a reality is not always easy. Most of the time, that vision includes the bride and groom simply enjoying their day, which cannot be possible without someone managing every task. So before completely shunning the idea of a day-of wedding coordinator, keep in mind all that was laid out here, because everyone deserves everything to be perfect on the big day.